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I have returned

2009-04-23 07:26:20 by Destiny-Thief

I hope to make a nice fresh start on animation and Hope to improve greatly soon.

Also I need a icon to be uploaded. Cant get the right size without an error unfortunatly

Icons and animatin

2008-07-15 22:53:04 by Destiny-Thief

Hey folks!.
Here with some bad news!. Random-Hero The animator i worked with for nintendo vision is currently swamped with a new Job!.

so there wont be any work from him for a while!. as for myself Recently i cant make icons and received news im going to be credited in the new Sprite TV soon to be out for my voice acting!.

F$%^ icons never work for me!

Lets just all hope that soon Random-Hero comes back soon with another awesome installment!


2008-03-31 22:36:46 by Destiny-Thief


make way front page

2008-03-30 05:39:51 by Destiny-Thief

Hey guys. My friend Random-her0.
Who has been responsible for COPS: video game edition. Nintendovision. and jackass VG edition (the only good one). is coming out with another flash his own type of mario bloopers. and i promise this wont dissapoint. he has worked very hard with me.
Hope you guys can see it soon!.

Thats right

2008-03-21 10:57:39 by Destiny-Thief

I F$%^&*) Helped make Nintendo vision and i loved every single bit of it.
Im also the voice actor for alex.
if you want a voice actor come to me!
if not?
go to hell!

Wanna be a voive actor

2008-02-15 04:48:30 by Destiny-Thief

Well i wanna be a voice actor. alot of people say i got the skills and the funny voice. well the voice to do many things. I just wanna start in flash see how that goes.
So far im helpin out Random-Hero3 with his flash works. hes my best bud by the way. Thats all. Im a good drawer but a lousy animator. good voice though!